Today, businesses and organisations need to be aware at all times of the status of the projects they are developing, the scope of those they will be undertaking, and the results of those they have completed. Projects have become a necessity for businesses if they want to implement the changes they need to adapt to today’s market. This is why project management has become such a key tool when addressing efficient business strategies.

Innvel specialises in handling projects by applying a range of management methods, adapted to each specific situation, that makes it possible to achieve quantifiable and sustainable goals in the various corporate fields (asset optimisation, unit cost reduction, quality improvements, performance, and safety during the implementation of the project).

As specialists in the R&D+i business, Innvel has extensive experience throughout the entire innovation project value chain and we can offer advice and support on the following activities:

  • Participation in the brainstorming process.
  • Funding analyses.
  • Setting up consortiums.
  • Preparing proposals for domestic and international projects.
  • Project management.
  • Technical development and project monitoring.
  • Acquisition of equipment.

Based on our experience in this type of projects, we can offer SMEs that lack such a department the chance to outsource all their R&D+i requirements to improve their competitiveness by providing the know-how needed for this type of activity.


Innvel designs R&D+i engineering projects in the following fields:


We design innovative strategies and solutions to minimise any environmental impact caused by industrial activities. Waste characterisation and reclamation. Circular economy and industrial ecology proposals. Design and optimisation of environmental technologies.


We specialise in industrial energy efficiency. Waste and by-product energy reclamation. Simulation of combustion processes. Optimisation of industrial cooling circuits.


We generate models on industrial phenomena and provide simulations. Equipment and process optimisation. Advanced control systems.


Development of new products. Exploring bonding technologies. Product quality monitoring and Quality Crisis resolution. Additive manufacturing. Eco-innovation.


Implementing work methods for predictive and flexible projects and Project Management Offices. Outsourcing of Project Management and Project Management Office services. Management and coordination of R&D+i projects.


Finding funding opportunities. Defining ideas. Preparing proposals. Coordinating projects. Justifications