Forecasting and monitoring technology is an essential tool for businesses and organisations today, particularly for those with innovative and differentiating components. It is defined as an organised, selective, and permanent processes aimed at acquiring all the scientific and technological information relevant to the interests of the organisation. This helps to enhance decision-making processes and allows businesses to anticipate changes, innovate, and grow.

This activity is based on the use of state-of-the-art methodologies, scientific and technical databases, and the specialised analysis of this information to transform it into knowledge that is useful for each customer.

Innvel’s team has extensive experience in conducting technology benchmarking, monitoring and scouting studies for industrial enterprises to provide our customers with strategic information, such as:

  • Their current technological situation and that of the competition.
  • Detect and assess the feasibility of emerging technologies of interest.
  • The management of background knowledge to develop proprietary technology.