In our experience, we have learned that the key to the success of R&D&I projects lies in the talents of the people working on them. Therefore, to optimise the potential of the people dedicated to this type of activity, organisations should use specific methodologies designed to train, enhance, and motivate the members of their innovation teams.

At Innvel, we have created our own Human Resources management system designed to promote scientific talent, called K-mentoring. Its purpose is to train workers in a number of specific skills related to R&D&I activities and to develop their behavioural skills, encouraging them to become goal-oriented, proactive, and flexible, among other aspects. We have been applying and polishing this system for years and we have achieved highly satisfactory results.

At Innvel, we provide our customers with the chance to implement our K-mentoring programme in their organisations by adapting to a company’s specific situation and interests, to help them develop and strengthen their scientific talent and enhance their R&D&I skills.